It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged as I’ve been very very busy! The end of the ski season went amazingly and I definitely would go back and do it all over again. I ended my season with a few drinks at Pub Mont Fort as I had to get up at 6am to catch the bus to the airport. But I somehow managed only to sleep for an hour or 2 as I stayed at the big chalet with everyone and they were going out that night. 

So I go back at midnight, as I’m saying bye to everyone Ashleigh bursts out crying which makes me cry and then Aurora. I boys must have thought we were crazy. I decided to watch a movieat home as I wasn’t that tired. Then George and James came back at 130 and we start watch comedy skits like Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay. And suddenly its 3/4 and everyone comes home so at this point I am awake and ready to hear all the chat. I was really happy to see everyone again as saying bye at the pub just didn’t feel right.

Now it’s off to sunny Dubai where I got to chill for a month and sort out everything for America. It was great seeing Mum and Dad again..especially Rosie. Plus I think Mum missed me as she was taking me out and buying me clothes. I do love my rents :) 

Dubai flew by and we are off to see the family in the UK first the wedding in Taunton which was beautiful and so much fun. Then up to Edinburgh to see the gang. It was incredible to see all the girls again. We had a big night out for my birthday/welcome back, and 5 days later we had a big leaving night. I loved going back and seeing all the lads and having the same banter. While I was there I got to see one of the girls from my ski season and that was great to be able to catch up with her on everything I’d missed.

Saying goodbye again to everyone was hard and I cried again (mum I blame this all on you!) But I know I’ll be seeing them sooner than last time and i know going to America I’ll make lots more friends, so I’m not too bothered.

Good-bye Europe….HELLO AMERICAS!

Mardi Gras…

Where do I even start?! It was an amazing night which I don’t think I’ll ever forget. We started of at Chalet Choppet, all 12 of us. Who doesn’t love a good card game, oh that’s right James who was forced to drink a jar of jäger, vodka, beer, coke and lemonade. By the time we’d all left everyone was fairly happy and tipsy (this is not how everyone finished the night!)

We headed to Loft Bar where it was completely packed, but you could tell we took up most of the room. There was 4 clowns, 3 tigers, 2 cowboys, 1 red indian, 1 flapper girl, 1 penguin and 1 cat.

Now onward to T-Bar where James (the penguin) and I decided it would be a great idea to start buying jäger bombs for each other, all this managed to do to me was make me want to drink more for some strange reason.

So the night ended up in Casbah and this is where all hell broke lose. We were all having a great time on the dance floor when Alex (a clown) kisses me. Iain then decides he was having none of this and starts a fight with Alex. And yes unfortunately it was over me! What did I do you ask? I went and found some more friends to dance with for the next half an hour. Once Alex and Iain have calmed down they come back and join in with the dancing for another 30 minutes all is going well… but I started to get really hungry and started to crave pizza so Alex said he’d chum me as he had to go home because he had work in the morning. Once we’d grabbed the pizza Alex said I could crash at their place because my flat was a good 20-30 minute walk from where we were. We got to Alex’s flat and found Iain on the front step because he didn’t have a main door key and neither did Alex!

The next part of the night was hilarious, the boys were basically running around the town trying to find Charlie. My idea? Casually walk towards Casbah, eating my pizza and phone Charlie. It worked, I’ve always said a girls logic is better than boys.

We got the keys of Charlie but then Iain decided he was hungry and completely ran off! Alex really wanted to get to bed now because he had to get up in 2 hours for work so I said he could crash on my sofa bed as soon as we’d got to mine Iain called and said “I’m back home and if you’re with Alex tell him, btw go home, don’t come back here…” and that’s all he kept saying and that if I came home with Alex, Iain would kill him blah blah blah. I found it hilarious because I was right at home so wasn’t planning on going back to their flat anyways!

The next day was the best although I didn’t move out of bed (sorry mum) we found out all the chat and Iain doesn’t remember a thing after T-Bar which is hilarious.

Anyways that’s the gist of everything! I had a great night and would change it for the world.

First day of teaching today and everything went great.

Only trouble I had was getting to where we were meeting as it’s very far away from my apartment and the buses are a bit dodgy during busy periods like this!
Luckily I got there 20 minutes early but we didn’t start for another 40 minutes as my client had to sort out her children who were very sweet and a little crazy when skiing.

She was lovely although a bit nervous about skiing as she hadn’t skied in 6 years because she’d broken both her legs while skiing.

Fortunately she was very willing to learn and I managed to get her down some easy black runs which was great for her confidence.

I loved every minute because for me confidence building is the best part of teaching so to see her do some difficult runs with no problems was great!

Tomorrow I’ve got her in the morning and then a family of four in the afternoon so that could be very interesting!

Just a cool photo I found while browse the world wide web…

Just a cool photo I found while browse the world wide web…

So after a few hectic weekends it was back to training for BASI Level 2 as we had now all passed our BASI Level 1 HOORAAAAY!!!

This wasn’t like normal training this was hard core training where after about 4-6 runs my thighs would be killing at me and screaming ‘STOOOOP! It’s just too painful to carry on!’ We managed to get through it but trust me I’ve never slept so well in that whole week, every night I was shattered and totally ready for bed.

The weather for the past 2 weeks has been incredible though, constantly sunny except for the past Thursday and Friday where it has been a total blizzard nightmare. The sky was just spewing out snow for just over 24 hours. So now the snow is going to be perfect (hopefully) for our Level 2 which starts tomorrow (Monday 23rd).

But back to more interesting and fun news, one of my best friends from home came to Verbier for 3 days and 3 nights just for funsies before she went back to uni, which was incredible to have someone who really knew me in the chalet. She also managed to get the boys told that she was the only one who was allowed to slag me off and they’ve settled down a little bit now which is strange. Not saying it was a bad thing though! We went out every night for those 3 nights and everyone loved Laura and I had so much more fun when she was around we were both high on life it was amazing. When Sunday had come around she didn’t want to leave and was saying if she didn’t have uni she definitely would have stayed for longer as it looks like I’m having the time of my life here. Which I can’t complain about, I totally am.

So now it’s onto bigger and better things…BASI level 2, fingers crossed I’ll pass! The blog is now up to date but if there’s anything else I remember I’ll be sure to write about it.

Après on New Years Day

Après on New Years Day

The Big Weekends!

The week leading up to Christmas was extremely exciting for all of us, thinking about skiing on Xmas day, opening presents, having an amazing dinner… So Xmas eve and Loopy and I plan to get up around 9 go and get some bacon, eggs, rolls, salmon and cream cheese. The whole shebang! This all went wrong that night we went to Loft Bar for one drink that’s what Loopy and I had said one drink and that’s it. One turned to two which turned to three next thing we know we’re on the Casbah dance floor dancing as if there’s no tomorrow.
The next morning we wake up around 11 (still drunk might I add) I’m sitting on the sofa with Sam ripping open my presents and getting super excited about everything. We did still have our bacon and egg rolls they were just lunch time ones.
Skiing that day was incredible it was sunny and warm, the snow was perfect and we were all just the right amount of tipsy to be having a great time!
Christmas dinner was more than insane! One of the best dinners I’ve ever had, we definitely have the best chefs in town. That night we all went crazy in Casbah, it was the next morning we weren’t so crazy about and knowing we had to get up on Monday to train made it even worse!
Although we did still have the thought that New Year was only just around the corner. And as it turned out Bella was a complete babe and that week was so much fun!
New Year was just as crazy if not more. I have to say it was my favourite New Year so far. I had drank the perfect amount (due to Serena buying a bottle of champagne) I was in an amazingly happy mood! Lizzie and I had just had the greatest 5 course meal of our lives and we were all about to head to Le Place Central for midnight.
That’s when it really got good! Everyone was in the square dancing and singing fireworks were going off champagne was getting sprayed. The boys decided to pour Tequila and Orange into our mouths which didn’t work so now we stank of Tequila and Champagne…Not the best mix. The clock stroke midnight, everyone was hugging and laughing, the DJ was playing some great tunes!
From there Lizzie and I headed to Casbah where we got free entry (it should have been 150francs) In there we met PRINCE HARRY of all people. We couldn’t get a picture the body guards were being douches! BUT STILL PRINCE HARRY, and the one I’ll definitely be rubbing in my dads face LAWRENCE DALLAGIO!
From there we went and found everyone at Loft Bar which was insanely busy but the atmosphere was awesome! After a few drinks there Thomas and I headed back to Casbah to end the night off, I don’t think I for to bed until 7am.
The next morning we all lay about on the sofa nursing our hangovers and eating salmon and cream cheese.
Until we decided to go to Après ski where we would get rid of our hangovers by drinking more. Uh Oh certainly comes to mind.
Could you say your weekends were that good?….Nope I didn’t think so!

Christmas Day. View from the top of the Bubble

Christmas Day. View from the top of the Bubble

At Long Last!

Finally after 4 weeks of torture from having no wifi we actually have it back!
So let’s start from when we lost it all. Must have been around the 14th December that weekend Lizzie, Serena and I made the best snowman ever he was nearly as tall as Serena! Unfortunately the guys after a night out came home and decided to completely trash it so that was good bye mr snowman.
A few nights later us girls went out for a few drinks and when we came home we got to the top of the first set of stairs to find a small 1-2foot tall wall. Yeah yeah very funny guys as we turned the corner there was a massive 6foot wall inform of us that was literally impossible to get over. Serena was karate chopping it while Loopy and I did 2 full on rugby tackles. I then in the heat of the moment grabbed the shovel and just tearing it down. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.
Although saying that some of the nights out we’ve had have been hilarious and so much fun when everyone’s getting along and no ones fighting.
Christmas and New Years week will be up soon.
Keep your eyes on this spot!